Modaka Recipe In Kannada Hindi Marathi

Modaka Recipe | How TO Make Modaka |Ganesh Chaturthi |Kannada |Hindi |Marathi

Modaka is lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet dish and is prepared specially during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Here is the curated list of Moadaka recipe in various languages.

Lets see how to make Modaka in Kannada, Hindi and Marathi.

Modaka Recipe in Kannada:

  1. From Paka Swada

2. Kadubu Recipe + Modaka Recipe In Kannada (From Swayam Paaaka)

Modak Recipe In Hindi (Nisha Madhulika)

Modak Recipe In Marathi (MadhurasRecipe Marathi) :

Hope you liked these and now can prepare Modaka for Ganesha.

If you know any other way to prepare Modaka, please comment.

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