Terms and Conditions For Sellers

Our aim is to encourage all sellers on holagi.in to reach large number of customers and sell their products/services and delight them.

We support our sellers/vendors in all possible ways to grow in their business.

Following are the terms and conditions for sellers to sell on holagi.in

  1. Registration is free !!
  2. Product listing is free !!
  3. Seller is the king and he can decide what to sell on holagi.in
  4. He/she is fully in command and is responsible for quality of the product, packing and shipping
  5. Seller/vendor is responsible for any conflicts that may arise due to quality of the product, packing and/or shipping issues
  6. We encourage seller/vendor to have safe, neat and healthy packing
  7. holagi.in is only the online marketplace or a platform where sellers can sell their products. It is no way responsible for product/service , packing or shipping
  8. Seller/vendor has to own returns, if any by the customers
  9. holagi.in will do the digital marketing of your product/service
  10. For this, we charge nominal service charge (usually 8% of order value )
  11. When the customer orders, payment will be received by holagi.in and will be paid (after deducting service fees) to seller/vendor to his/her bank account registered with with it
  12. Payment will be made when product/service is dispatched
  13. holagi.in is not responsible for any complaints such as health issues, loss of product, damage caused in way to the customer
  14. If any seller/vendor gets more than 3 complaints he/she will be blacklisted and will be removed from holagi.in
  15. If any seller/vendor is found to be bypassing holagi.in and contacting the customer for sales, or demands money or any such activities which impacts the brand image of seller/vendor and holagi.in, he/she will be blacklisted and is removed from holagi.in