How To Earn Money Online ?


You can earn by advertisements, Charge customer based on number of words in blogs, affiliate marketing, etc

Becoming YouTuber

You can earn by advertisements, Sponsorship, affiliate marketing, etc

Video Edition

You can become the video editor for Youtube creators. Can also edit videos of short movies etc.

Sell Online

You can sell anything online. You can sell your art, your cooked food, digital product, clothes etc. You can have your own website or sell through Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Online Teaching

You can teach online. There are many platforms available. Example YouTube, Udemy, Your own website, Zoom meetings etc.

Share Trading

You can buy and sell the stocks online. Buy when price is less and sell when its high


If you know more than one language, then you can become translator. There are platforms like Fiverr and Upworks, where you can sell your translation service online

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